The Qubole Recognized Practitioner badge is recommended for QDS Platform Users, Administrators, Consultants,  and Partners. This badge recognizes the competency of QDS platform users in the following areas:

  • Qubole architecture
  • Discovering data 
  • Creating a schema table
  • Writing and executing a command 
  • Creating and executing a notebook
  • Scheduling a command/workflow/notebook
  • Sharing collections and notebooks
  • Viewing cluster settings and dashboard



The Qubole Recognized Administrator badge is recommended for QDS Platform Administrators, Consultants,  and Partners. This badge recognizes the competency of QDS platform administrators in the following areas:

  • Qubole architecture
  • Managing QDS account settings
  • Role-based access control
  • Administering clusters
  • Connecting data
  • Self troubleshooting
  • Implementing security and data governance
  • Basic knowledge of Workbench, Notebook, and Scheduler interfaces


By Rasika Sarnaik Feb 28, 2020

Every era comes with its challenges. In today’s era, coping with the ever-changing technology and choosing rightly from the available options are challenges we face every day.

A simple example can be - buying a new mobile phone from the pool of available options and using the phone that you bought to its maximum efficiency.

Here the advantage is, with the right guidance, we can turn this challenge of plenty into a privilege. But the irony is, the problem of plenty also applies to the available guidance. With the increased number of services and products, we also have a large pool of learning material. Many times, we struggle to find the appropriate learning modalities that will help us do our job right. 


By Alex Aidun Mar 16, 2020

Imagine if the instructions on how to build a car were available online - anyone could download the instructions and build their own car. This approach, however, does require having the necessary mechanical, electrical, and engineering skills as well as the time and capacity to maintain and upgrade the car over time. As a result, the vast majority of people rely on manufacturers and car dealerships to build, provide, maintain, and upgrade their vehicles.

The Open Source Solutions that are available are akin to the different car types that one could build, however, there are major technical hurdles to overcome before these operate optimally. As a result, Qubole serves as both the manufacturer and the dealer assembling the technologies and optimizing them as well as deploying, maintaining, and upgrading them. Here at Qubole, we take this model one step further - not only do we provide the car but we also provide driving classes and instruction as well.