By Alex Aidun Mar 16, 2020

Imagine if the instructions on how to build a car were available online - anyone could download the instructions and build their own car. This approach, however, does require having the necessary mechanical, electrical, and engineering skills as well as the time and capacity to maintain and upgrade the car over time. As a result, the vast majority of people rely on manufacturers and car dealerships to build, provide, maintain, and upgrade their vehicles.

The Open Source Solutions that are available are akin to the different car types that one could build, however, there are major technical hurdles to overcome before these operate optimally. As a result, Qubole serves as both the manufacturer and the dealer assembling the technologies and optimizing them as well as deploying, maintaining, and upgrading them. Here at Qubole, we take this model one step further - not only do we provide the car but we also provide driving classes and instruction as well.

Entering 2020 we are seeing a mature marketplace with users aware of the technologies and wondering how to improve upon the work they have been doing. Therefore we are embarking on a new strategy focusing on not just the technologies and the features but the workflows that are performed with these technologies. By focusing on use cases and workflows we are going to help our users close the educational last mile in their understanding. We are moving towards educating and demonstrating how to use these technologies in Qubole to accomplish the most common, and occasionally uncommon, technical tasks and exercises.

Through a combination of eLearning, hands-on training, in-person presentation, and in-product training we are going to increase our educational surface area, providing more content across more mediums accommodating different types of learning styles. We are very excited about our evolving approach and we hope you are excited as well. Please visit our free learning portal ( to view our public offerings and take a look at our list of services on our landing page. Please reach out to your customer success manager about setting up an Education Discovery Call where we can provide more details about our programs and services and work with you to create a Training Plan that fits your needs.