By Navneet Yadav Feb 18, 2020

Have you been in a situation when you signed up for a product with a lot of excitement but that excitement faded away quickly because of the lack of the right support or product education? Being able to adopt a product quickly is one of the determining factors for your productivity, cost-saving and business success. While choosing a product, it is important to evaluate what resources and support are available to you to learn the product so you can expand your activities and get the maximum value out of it. The path to your success has many touchpoints; one of them is customer onboarding. It is a critical step in your product adoption journey but often undervalued. Many researchers claim that trained customers use products more often and more independently. 

Customer onboarding is commonly misinterpreted as simply teaching users how to use a product/platform/app; however, the success of your product adoption journey is determined by the user not only knowing how to use features but also understanding the benefits those features provide. 

“We need to educate people on not just how to use our product, but quite frankly that they need the product.” 

                                                                  Lincoln Murphy, Venture Capitalist at Sixteen Ventures