Qubole Recognized Administrator Badge

Level: Fundamental Delivery Format: Badge Course Duration: 60 Minutes

This badge exam tests and recognizes the fundamental skills of Qubole platform administrators.

Qubole Recognized Administrator Badge

Welcome to the Qubole Recognized Administrator badge. This badge validates the competency of QDS platform administrators in the following areas:

  • Qubole architecture
  • Managing QDS account settings
  • Role-based access control
  • Administering clusters
  • Connecting data
  • Self troubleshooting
  • Implementing security and data governance
  • Basic concepts of Workbench, Notebook, and Scheduler interfaces

The Qubole Recognized Administrator badge is recommended for QDS Platform Administrators, Consultants, and Partners.

To earn this badge, you need to pass the Qubole Recognized Administrator badge exam. The exam details are as follows.

Exam Duration: 1 Hour

Number of Questions: 50 Multiple-choice questions

Exam Language: English

Passing Score: Minimum 80%

Difficulty level: Easy to Medium

Number of attempts: 

  • Two consecutive attempts 
  • Gets locked after two unsuccessful attempts 
  • Unlocks after 7 business days

Recommended Training:

Steps to get started:

  1. Take the recommended training from Qubole University and go through the provided reference links.
  2. Explore the QDS platform for at least a week and practice the areas that this badge validates.
  3. Once ready, from the Qubole university, find the Qubole Recognized Administrator Badge program and click the program tile. 
  4. Click Launch to register for the badge exam. 
  5. Read the exam details carefully before you start the exam.

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