AWS: Getting Started for Administrators

Level: Fundamental Delivery Format: Program

This course provides you with an introduction to the concepts and skills needed to perform initial tasks in Qubole’s cloud-native, big data platform.

AWS: Getting Started for Administrators

Activating and optimizing your big data on AWS requires the ability to implement policy-driven capabilities. In this course, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the basic concepts and skills needed to perform administrative tasks in Qubole Data Service (QDS).

Target Audience

This course is designed for Qubole Administrators, Data Ops and Dev Ops staff with AWS permissions to create IAM roles & policies.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, Platform Administrators will have:

  • gained a foundational understanding of how to configure resources and
  • manage access privileges and clusters.


  • A fundamental understanding of cloud & compute concepts and separation
  • Knowledge of AWS core concepts such as IAM roles, Policies and S3

This course assumes prior Qubole account set up including the configuration of an AWS account and connection of the two.

Learning Format



 30 minutes


Course Overview
Account Settings
Knowledge Check
Qubole Data Service (QDS) Platform Architecture
About Clusters
AWS Spot Instances and Spot Blocks
Configuring and Managing Clusters
The Clusters Dashboard
Knowledge Check
Understanding Metastores in QDS
About Datastores
Knowledge Check
Managing Roles
Managing Groups
Managing Users
Knowledge Check
Course Summary
Additional Resources
Feedback - AWS: Getting Started for Administrators